KCU’s Chequing Accounts give you all you need to manage your finances. You get personalized cheque-books, monthly account statements along with images of cheques you issued during the month. All regular features, such as AFT-Debit / AFT-Credit, statement and demand and stop-payment facilities are available with all types of Chequing Accounts. You can even apply for Overdraft Protection to manage those difficult times. At KCU, you pay only for what you get. Choose one of the following Chequing products that best fit your needs:

Chequing Product Monthly Transactions allowed Charges for each extra Transaction Cash Deposit allowed per month Monthly Fee Remarks
Basic 12 $0.50 $1000.00 $5.95 Best for Personal Chequing
Premium 15 $0.50 $10,000.00 $11.95 Ideal for Professional Businesses
Business 35 $0.00 $25,000.00 $34.95 Best suited for Small Businesses
Elite Unlimited N/A Unlimited;
Charges depend on Quantity*
$35.00 For Big Businesses, Institutions & Forex Dealers etc.

*See Branch for details