As a closed-bond member-controlled institution, our mission is to:

  • Maintain a financially sound organization
  • Be responsive to the needs of our members
  • Be a community spirited organization

The board and management of the Credit Union have undertaken to maintain current knowledge of policy and practice requirements that enhance the soundness and safety of the Credit Union. Management develops and implements practices and procedures that control risk within the provisions of board policies. The credit union has employed monitoring and audit systems that observe adherence to policies and the effectiveness of internal controls.

The Credit Union subscribes fully to the standards of sound business & financial practice published by The Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation. The credit union will strive at all times to meet or exceed performance and management standards.

The credit union consistently employs prudent risk management principles, which effectively balance risk with return. The credit union does not take unwarranted risks knowingly and seeks to protect the value of its assets, liabilities, property, technology, markets and members.